22 Apr

Shred-It securely in Minneapolis

When you shred-It securely in Minneapolis, with Shred-N-Go yo know your documents are being destroyed without any trace of evidence. These days, everything from telephone numbers to bank account numbers can be used against us, and Shred-N-Go is here to...
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1 Apr

Shredding to Protect from Identity Theft

You can hardly turn on the television or radio without hearing about a breach in security somewhere that caused a person’s identity to be stolen. Keeping important papers and sensitive documents away from anyone who walks into your home is...
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18 Jun

Minneapolis Drop Off Paper Shredding

Although Shred-N-Go, Inc. is the leading mobile paper shredding company in Minnesota, we realize that not all business owners have enough shredding to warrant a mobile shredding pickup. In the last several years, more and more people are working from...
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21 May

Minnesota Professional Document Shredding

If you run a business, you know how much paper can you accumulate every week. Week after week you have important documents that need to be saved for a time, but after that time expires, what do you do with...
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16 Apr

Minneapolis Tax Document Shredding

Tax season has come and gone and you have another year of taxes under your belt, and another box of tax papers that are another year older. It’s understandable that you save tax papers for the required amount of time....
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7 Nov

Outsourcing Your Minnesota Document Destruction

When it comes to using your employees’ time wisely, document shredding is not what most employers consider a good use of time. Having someone sit in a room for hours destroying sensitive papers that shouldn’t get into the hands of...
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