31 Oct

Save Money on Minneapolis Shredding

Are you paying employees to do your shredding for you? If you have a medium or large sized business, that could mean hours a day that you’re spending money to have someone doing a boring job that could be done...
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10 Oct

Minneapolis Fraud Protection Shredding

Anyone who listens to the news knows the danger of identity theft these days. Being careful with your paperwork is really an understatement. You really can’t be too careful with the papers you fill out that include your driver’s license...
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25 Jul

Safe Document Destruction in Minnesota

Every business has paperwork. Even with computers taking a big load off your shoulders when it comes to saving and filing documents, every business has a certain amount of paperwork to deal with when it comes to getting rid of...
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27 Jun

Mobile Shredding

Calling all businesses and residents from South Saint Paul to Farmington! Shred-N-Go Mobile Shredding is standing by to destroy your data. CD, DVDs, hard drives and more can all be decimated with your documents. The end result is a clean...
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