13 Jun

Shredding Services

Paper adds up. If you’re a business owner, you know how important it is to use effective shredding services. The challenge is keeping up with destroying sensitive information. We have learned that many of our business customers benefit greatly from using a document shredding truck. Shred-N-Go operates the best heavy duty shredders in the industry.

Keeping up with the piles of paper isn’t easy. Even in the Digital Age, we still depend on paper copies. There’s nothing wrong with that. But we do have to pay special attention to destroying it. Having paper sitting around with credit card numbers, social security numbers and other account information is dangerous to your clients. It may not physically hurt them, but it could do damage to their identity. Hiring Shred-N-Go keeps personal data far from thieves’ hands.

Businesses in Cologne, Norwood, and Minnetonka Beach all make appointments to have a document shredding truck work right in their parking lots. Some of our customers use our shredding services as part of community events. Inviting residents to get rid of their confidential information is a great way to meet the neighbors. If you’re interested in hosting a shred event, call us at 763-551-4800. We’ll give you the details so you can schedule a document shredding truck.

With affordable on site shredding, there’s no reason not to destroy old medical records and phone books alike. Why take the chance with identity theft? Dropping off your documents or having them shredded in your parking lot is easy and fast. With professional shredding services available, putting an end to identity theft is easier with Shred-N-Go. Our services are environment-friendly and we pay attention to our footprint on the earth. Hire a document shredding company that Is eco-friendly and guaranteed to be secure. You’ll be glad you called.

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