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Shred-N-Go Data & Media Destruction
What should we do with our unused hard drives? What about those smart phones SD cards and older memory sticks with company data that we just replaced? These are questions that many companies have when upgrading or changing their technology. Shred-N-Go can help!

Shred-N-Go provides secure on-site NAID certified Data & Media destruction service and off-site Data & Media destruction at our facilities. Our on-site secure data destruction service can be utilized for high sensitive business Data and Media which cannot leave your facility or a specific business location.

Shred-N-Go's digital Data & Media destruction service will quickly and securely destroy any number of hard drives, memory sticks and devises, back up-tapes, CD's, X-rays and other forms of media. We have the proper hi-tech shredding equipment that shreds any devise to a very small size. This is complete and total destruction that cannot be reconstructed. Then once made unreadable, all materials are incinerated. So you will not have concerns that your company or private information can be compromised, nor any worries or chance of identify theft.

Data & Media Destruction Items
  • Hard drives
  • Memory chips and sticks
  • JAZ and ZIP discs
  • Tapes
  • Smart phones
  • CD's and DVD's
  • Desktop & Laptop computers
  • Monitors
  • Copier hard drives
  • Products and equipment
  • Transmitters and pagers
  • Badges and ID tags
  • X-rays
Data & Media Destruction Certification and Standards

Shred-N Go uses NAID procedures and standardized policies along with training of staff and proper shredding equipment that guarantees compliance. We meet or exceed all NAID mandates requiring certified data destruction. Our team of trained professionals works with many companies, clinics, banks, and government agencies that are subject to stringent controls, regulations, guidelines and mandates. Compliance is what we provide along with the piece of mind that your Data & Media is being properly disposed of. Give us a call today for a free consultation at 763-551-4800.

Shred-N-Go, Inc's. mission is to provide the most secure, cost-effective, on-site mobile document destruction service available in Minnesota and the Upper Midwest.

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