21 May

Minnesota Professional Document Shredding

If you run a business, you know how much paper can you accumulate every week. Week after week you have important documents that need to be saved for a time, but after that time expires, what do you do with all that paper? If you’re like a lot of businesses, you call Shred-N-Go and use our Minnesota professional document shredding service.

Mobile shredding is nothing new, but making sure your paperwork, documents and even computer hard drives are destroyed beyond recognition is something you need to take seriously. Working with other shredding companies that use inferior shredding machines could mean that your information is not shredded into small enough pieces to prevent identity theft. Shredders that produce long strips of paper may still give thieves enough information to steal your credit cards or even your social security information.

When you depend on the Minnesota professional document shredding service brought to your door by Shred-N-Go, you never need to worry about a shred of information getting into the wrong hands. Our mobile shredding trucks are equipped with UltraShred equipment that shreds up to 7,000 pounds of paper per hour. And when that paper goes through our shredding machine it comes out in particles of 5/8″ or less. There is no way anyone could ever hope to put those papers back together and steal important information from you.

Now we understand that there are paper shredders you can buy at your local office supply store so you could have one of your employees sit in an office and shred papers for you every day. But let’s look at that logically. First of all, do you want ANY of your employees knowing private information about your business or your other employees? And do you really want to pay an employee to shred instead of paying them to do their real job at your business? The logical way to destroy documents for your business is to use Shred-N-Go’s Minnesota professional document shredding service. You can schedule shredding for your business by calling 763-551-4800 today.


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