7 Nov

Outsourcing Your Minnesota Document Destruction

When it comes to using your employees’ time wisely, document shredding is not what most employers consider a good use of time. Having someone sit in a room for hours destroying sensitive papers that shouldn’t get into the hands of others is really a waste of company money. When you consider the other things your employee could be doing to bring in profits, sitting at a shredding machine watching paper turn into confetti is really a crazy idea. Outsourcing your Minnesota document destruction is much more effective and much less expensive, especially when you call the experts at Shred-N-Go, Inc.

Whether you run a medical billing office, a bank, a legal office or any other establishment that has sensitive documents that should not be shared with others, outsourcing your Minnesota document destruction is just smart business. And when you use the services of Shred-N-Go, Inc., you can be sure that your documents will be destroyed without being shared with anyone – ever. Depending on the size of your company, we can set you up with a locked shredding container where all paperwork that’s ready to shred is deposited. You or someone you designate will be the only ones with the key and your container will remain locked until one of our drivers comes with our mobile shredding truck to empty the container and shred the contents right in front of you.

When you deal with Shred-N-Go, Inc., you know you’re dealing with a reputable company. We’re NAID Certified for our on-site mobile document destruction as well as our on-site mobile hard drive destruction. So whether you have sensitive paperwork that needs to be destroyed or computer hard drives with information that can’t be leaked, you can count on us for outsourcing your Minnesota document destruction and hard drive destruction. So give us a call at 763-551-4800 and we’ll put you in touch with the Shred-N-Go, Inc. dealer closest to you. Your safe document destruction is our greatest concern.

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