26 Jun

Minneapolis Business Document Destruction

No matter what type of business you have, there are records you have that should never get into the hands of others. If you run a bank, there’s pretty much no record you can toss in the garbage without shredding...
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10 Apr

The Importance of Shredding Documents in Minneapolis

If you’re a business owner near Minneapolis and you don’t understand the importance of shredding documents in Minneapolis, you could be in for some serious trouble. Years ago, there wasn’t much of a need to shred paperwork. There were no...
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20 May

Minneapolis Confidential Document Destruction

Businesses that produce a lot of confidential documents need to be sure they are destroying those documents properly. Taking chances with confidential materials is something no business owner can do. When it comes to Minneapolis confidential document destruction, you won’t...
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3 Dec

Affordable Shredding at Your MN Location

If you think it’s impossible to have affordable shredding at your MN location, you don’t know about Shred-N-Go, Inc. Having our mobile shredding truck pull up at your office and shred your important documents right in front of you can...
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12 Nov


Anyone who listens to the news knows the danger of identity theft these days. Being careful with your paperwork is really an understatement. You really can’t be too careful with the papers you fill out that include your driver’s license...
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4 Jun

Minnesota Destroy Important Paperwork

Whether you own a big business with tons of employees or a business you work from home, you will have important paperwork that you can’t let get into the wrong hands. If you have employee records, insurance paperwork, tax records,...
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16 Apr

Minneapolis Tax Document Shredding

Tax season has come and gone and you have another year of taxes under your belt, and another box of tax papers that are another year older. It’s understandable that you save tax papers for the required amount of time....
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12 Mar

Minneapolis Drop Off Shredding Service

All businesses have confidential paperwork, and that paperwork needs to be protected against identity theft until it’s no longer needed. And at that point when your important paperwork is no longer needed, for whatever reason, you need to be sure...
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5 Mar

Minnesota Medical Record Shredding

If you run a doctor’s office, dental office, medical clinic or hospital, the amount of medical records you have in your care can be astronomical. If you’ve taken care of a patient for years, you could have mounds of medical...
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