19 Mar

Minnesota Mobile Shredding

If you run a big business and you have lots of documents that need to be shredded every day, it’s really a waste of money to have an employee sit and shred papers. That’s not what they were hired to do and it’s certainly a waste of their time and your money. A better idea is to hire Shred-N-Go to do Minnesota mobile shredding for you. We can bring our mobile shredding truck right to your location and securely shred your documents right in front of you.

No matter what kind of business you run there are always sensitive documents that should not get into the hands of others. Shredding them safely in your office means you still need to have someone see those documents, and that’s not a good idea. If you run a law firm and you have legal documents with private information, no employee should ever have access to those records.

The better idea would be to have Shred-N-Go bring a locked shredding container to your office where everyone can deposit documents waiting to be shredded. Then when our Minnesota mobile shredding truck comes to your office we will shred those documents without anyone ever needing to see them.

We can schedule our mobile shredding truck to come to your office at a timeframe that suits you. If you have a huge business with loads of papers that need to be shredded every week, we can put you on a weekly shredding schedule. If you’re not quite that big, we can do a bi-weekly or monthly shredding for you.

So before you waste money and take chances of identity theft by having an employee do your shredding, call Shred-N-Go at 763-551-4800 and let us send our Minnesota mobile shredding truck to safely do your shredding for you. Give us a call today and let’s get you on our shredding schedule.


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