26 Sep

Minneapolis Document Destruction

Do you have a closet full of old tax papers? Are your dresser drawers full of old credit card statements? Are there bank statements oozing out of your kitchen cabinets? Do you have old photos and confidential information stuffed in...
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19 Sep

Minnesota Medical Document Shredding

Did you ever stop to think how bad it would be if your medical records got into the wrong hands? Do you remember filling out all the paperwork when you found a new doctor? And it seems like every time...
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12 Sep

Minneapolis Secure Document Shredding

Do you have important documents that should be shredded, but you don’t feel like you can trust anybody enough to turn them over? Do you have boxes and boxes of medical records, legal documents or computer disks that need shredding,...
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5 Sep

Computer Hard Drive Destruction in MN

Do you know anyone who has tossed their computer in the garbage? Have you ever seen someone put their old computer out in front of the house on garbage day, only to see someone drive by and pick it up?...
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