25 Jul

Safe Document Destruction in Minnesota

Every business has paperwork. Even with computers taking a big load off your shoulders when it comes to saving and filing documents, every business has a certain amount of paperwork to deal with when it comes to getting rid of...
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18 Jul

Mobile Shredding Trucks in Minnesota

Mobile paper shredding is a service used by businesses all over the country. Imagine a corporation like Visa or MasterCard having to bring all their credit card payment statements in to a local paper shredding facility to have them shredded....
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11 Jul

Tax Document Destruction

Individuals, as well as corporations, need to be sure that they never throw any tax documents away without shredding them. This is something that can’t be stressed enough today. In the age of cell phones with cameras and video capability,...
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4 Jul

Edina Drop Off Shredding Service

Most people are aware that large businesses need a professional shredding service to shred all of their important documents. If important papers with social security numbers and credit card account numbers or even names and addresses were simply put in...
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