15 Nov

Documents to Shred in Minneapolis

If you think you have no documents to shred in Minneapolis, you are probably mistaken. Whether you are a single person, a family member, a small business owner or someone who owns a large corporation, you will probably find that you have more documents to shred than you realize. Using our paper shredding service Minneapolis is something you should look into soon.

Even as a single person you have tax papers that should not get into the hands of others. If you have worked at more than one job, you may have insurance records from employers that have sensitive information on them. And if you are a member of a family, there are most definitely papers lying around that have information that should never be shared. For example, any document that has your social security number or your driver’s license number on it should most definitely be shredded so that the information doesn’t get into the hands of the wrong person. If you took care of aging parents or grandparents and you inherited all their medical records, those need to be shredded as well.

It’s very important that you realize how many documents to shred in Minneapolis you come across in your daily life so that you don’t just toss them in the trash. Many people fail to realize that any medical document, even a bill from a provider, could have your social security number and an account number. Those should always be shredded and never just tossed in the garbage. And you might not realize it, but even credit card offers that come in the mail may sometimes be filled out with your name, address, phone and other personal information that was purchased from mailing list companies that collect important data about people.

Before you toss out any important paperwork, be sure to call Shred-N-Go, Inc. and let us know about your documents to shred in Minneapolis. If you have enough for a pickup, we’ll send our mobile shredding truck to you. If you prefer to bring in a few boxes at a time, you can call Shred-N-Go, Inc. at 763-551-4800 and make an appointment to bring in your shredding. Most importantly, never toss out any paperwork without checking it for important information first.

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