28 Nov

Minnesota Mobile On Site Document Destruction

Have you ever noticed how much paper you seem to have in your office? As you look around you may see stacks of paper on each desk, stacks of paper in the file room, and even stacks of paper in common areas like the breakroom. Did you ever stop to think how dangerous it could be to have important documents lying around where anyone can see them? If you don’t have our Shred-N-Go, Inc. Minnesota mobile on site document destruction service scheduled for your office, now is the time to pick up the phone and schedule document shredding in Minneapolis.

The Shred-N-Go, Inc. Minnesota mobile on site document destruction service is the best way we know to stay on top of the mounds of paperwork that seem to creep up on your business. As hard as you try, filing paperwork is not always something that’s taken care of in your office. We understand that completely. But when you leave important documents with personal financial information lying around for anyone to see, you’re opening yourself up to identity theft on a regular basis.

These days you can’t be too careful with information you have in your office. Whether you do medical billing and you have papers with social security numbers on them or credit card information, you need to be sure those papers are filed away safely or destroyed by a reputable shredding company like Shred-N-Go, Inc. We have been in the shredding business in Minnesota for many years and we’re a company you can trust to safely destroy important documents for you.

Call Shred-N-Go, Inc. today at 763-551-4800 and let us tell you about our Minnesota mobile on site document destruction services. We’ll let you know about our locked shredding containers and how you can keep important documents safe between shredding appointments.

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