1 Apr

Shredding to Protect from Identity Theft

You can hardly turn on the television or radio without hearing about a breach in security somewhere that caused a person’s identity to be stolen. Keeping important papers and sensitive documents away from anyone who walks into your home is important. Leaving credit card bills on the counter where anyone can copy down the number is not a good idea. What is a good idea is shredding to protect from identity theft to make sure you never have your identity stolen from your own home.

Posting your utility bills on your refrigerator for anyone to see is probably not the best use of that space. No matter who comes into your home, there should never be anything lying around to temp them. Whether it’s your daughter’s boyfriend or a group of kids from school, the paperboy waiting in the hallway to get paid, the mailman bringing you a registered letter to sign, or a salesman standing by the front door pitching you on some deal he’s offering, nobody should never see anything that has your personal information on it. That’s why shredding to protect from identity theft should be an important part of your household routine.

First of all, make it a habit to put all bills that come in away in a drawer or cabinet, or better yet, a locked box. Then once the bills are paid, lock them away until you have a banker’s box full, and then bring them to one of our shredding to protect from identity theft locations and watch them as they shred into tiny pieces. We have shredding locations all over the Minneapolis/Saint Paul area, so there must be one in a location that’s convenient for you. You can bring in boxes for shredding on Tuesdays from 9 a.m. to noon, or give us a call at 763-551-4800 to schedule a time that’s convenient for you. Make it a habit to never leave important papers in plain site that could tempt someone to give you identity problems you don’t need.

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