21 Oct

Minneapolis Business Document Destruction

No matter what type of business you have, there are records you have that should never get into the hands of others. If you run a bank, there’s pretty much no record you can toss in the garbage without shredding...
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14 May

Minneapolis Hard Drive Shredding

Have you ever thrown out a computer? Did you take out the hard drive before you tossed it? You might be surprised at how many people, even business owners, don’t realize that getting rid of a computer without destroying the...
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23 Apr

Minnesota Papers That Should Be Shredded

If you’ve always wondered what paperwork you need to shred to be sure it doesn’t get into the wrong hands, we’d like to give you a list of Minnesota papers that should be shredded so you don’t forget to include...
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25 Jul

Safe Document Destruction in Minnesota

Every business has paperwork. Even with computers taking a big load off your shoulders when it comes to saving and filing documents, every business has a certain amount of paperwork to deal with when it comes to getting rid of...
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