26 Feb

Minneapolis Business Document Destruction

No matter what type of business you have, there are records you have that should never get into the hands of others. If you run a bank, there’s pretty much no record you can toss in the garbage without shredding it first. You certainly can’t take chances with bank statements or mortgage paperwork or loan documents. They all need to be shredded before you toss them. If you have corporate paperwork for bank customers, you’ll need to call for Minneapolis business document destruction.

There’s not a business anywhere around that doesn’t need Minneapolis business document destruction. In addition to banks and mortgage companies and builders and contractors, anyone in the tax industry needs to be sure all their documents are shredded and not just tossed in the garbage for others to find. Personnel files and payroll records as well as audits and accounting records can all be put into a special locked shredding box in your office and picked up by our mobile shredding truck to be shredded.

The same goes for computer hard drives and all the records they contain. Tossing them in the garbage or even smashing them with a hammer doesn’t insure that the records won’t be able to be retrieved. The only way to be absolutely sure that your computer hard drive records are destroyed permanently is to call for our Minneapolis hard drive document destruction service to completely shred your hard drives for you.

So when it’s time to get rid of documents that have important information on them or computer hard drives that contain sensitive information, call for our Shred-N-Go Minneapolis business document destruction service to send our mobile truck to shred everything for you so you don’t take chances with information being stolen and passed on to the wrong people. You can reach us at 763-551-4800. We’ll show you all the services we offer to help you keep your documents and hard drive information confidential.

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