14 May

Minneapolis Hard Drive Shredding

Have you ever thrown out a computer? Did you take out the hard drive before you tossed it? You might be surprised at how many people, even business owners, don’t realize that getting rid of a computer without destroying the hard drive means you’ve just given away all of your personal information. If you did banking on your computer, you just gave someone all of your account information, even your usernames and passwords. If you run a business, you just gave away all your personnel files that include social security numbers of all your employees. Before you even think of tossing out a personal computer or a business computer, be sure you talk to the team at Shred-N-Go about Minneapolis hard drive shredding.

When you allow Shred-N-Go to do your Minneapolis hard drive shredding, you can be sure that nobody will ever get a shred of information from your hard drive. We know you’ve probably talked to friends who told you to take a hammer to your hard drive and then toss it. Or you may have had someone tell you to put your hard drive in a bucket of water before you toss it in the garbage. While you might think these things will stop thieves from retrieving information from your hard drive, the reality is that it may not. And really, why would you ever take a chance with important information that could lead to identity theft?

Rather than taking any chances with your important information, it’s better to call Shred-N-Go and take advantage of our Minneapolis hard drive shredding service. Whether you have one hard drive or an office full of them, it’s really a good idea to be sure they are completely destroyed by letting us shred them to the point where no information could ever be extracted from them. So call Shred-N-Go today at 763-551-4800 and we’ll give you directions to the location nearest you.


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