23 Apr

Minnesota Papers That Should Be Shredded

If you’ve always wondered what paperwork you need to shred to be sure it doesn’t get into the wrong hands, we’d like to give you a list of Minnesota papers that should be shredded so you don’t forget to include them when you call Shred-N-Go to do your shredding for you.

If you run a business, you need to be sure you include financial statements, personnel files and tax records are in your Minnesota papers that should be shredded. You should be sure to shred any medical records if you run a clinic or hospital, and any documents that have private information about patients. If you manage a bank, insurance company, stock brokerage company or a mortgage company, you need to be sure all documents that have personal information concerning your employees or your clients are shredded on a regular basis. Anything you purchase for your business, which means invoices, price lists, canceled checks and receipts should be scanned into your computer and then the papers should be put into a locked shredding container to safely wait for our mobile shredding truck to come and destroy the documents for you.

If you’re not familiar with our locked shredding containers, just call the shredding experts at Shred-N-Go at 73-551-4800 and we can tell you about the different sizes we have to fit your needs. If you run a small business, we have small sized containers that are ideal for a home office. If you have a big business with lots of Minnesota papers that should be shredded, we have containers as big as 95 gallons with wheels to move them around from office to office to collect documents to shred. Whatever your shredding needs might be, you can depend on Shred-N-Go to destroy them completely for you. We’ll send our mobile shredding trucks to your location and let you watch as we shred your papers.


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