14 Nov

Minneapolis Trustworthy Document Destruction

Finding a Minneapolis trustworthy document destruction company is something every company needs to do. Whether you’re a small Mom and Pop startup or a large conglomeration, making sure you can trust your document shredding company is very important. The company should be NAID Certified and follow a chain of command so that you can be sure every document they get is destroyed without the chance of it getting into the wrong hands.

When you work with Shred-N-Go, Inc., you will be working with an NAID Certified company that brings on-site mobile shredding trucks right to your location. When it comes to Minneapolis trustworthy document destruction, you will be right there, on your premises, watching your paperwork be destroyed in mere seconds. Not only do we have locking shredding containers you can use to store paper for shredding before we get there, but we have the latest technology on our mobile shredding trucks to shred at high speeds into pieces no one could ever hope to put back together.

When you work with Shred-N-Go, you’ll always know exactly where your sensitive documents are at all times. When they’re in your office, they will be securely locked in one of our shredding containers, safely away from any prying eyes. And when we come to pick up your container, you’re welcome to watch as our high speed mobile shredding truck turns your documents into tiny shreds at a rate of 7,000 pounds per hour. In other words, once your staff puts a document into our shredding container and our truck driver loads it into our high-speed Hammermill shredding system, your documents are safe and never even touched by human hands. 100% of our shredded paper is sent to recycling paper mills to be used again, making us a truly green company.

So stop worrying about finding a Minneapolis trustworthy document destruction company and give Shred-N-Go, Inc. a call at 763-551-4800. You’ll be glad you did.


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