21 Nov

Minneapolis Professional Document Destruction

Just about everybody knows that they should recycle as many things as possible. Glass bottles, tin cans, batteries, old television sets, and paper. But wait, you’re not putting important documents in your recycling bins, are you? We certainly hope not. You need to be sure you use our Minneapolis professional document destruction service to be sure no one gets important information they shouldn’t have.

Many people don’t realize the difference between recycling and document destruction or paper shredding. When you put papers into your recycling bin, those papers will be trucked off to a giant garbage heap where anyone could find them, completely intact and with all your vital information on them. Recycling paper should be left for papers like newspapers, and that’s it. Any paper that has your name, address or any other information on it, should go through our Minneapolis professional document destruction to be sure your identity is held safe at all times.

You may not realize it, but even tossing out junk mail that has your name and address on it is not a good idea these days. Identity theft is a real threat and any piece of information these thieves can get their hands on is just ammunition for them to use to get things like your social security number or medical records. Being aware of where you toss out your paperwork and even your mail is something that should be on your mind at all times to be sure you keep your confidential information confidential.

Whether you have boxes full of old tax papers that need to be shredded or a stack of medical records from a loved one who just passed, you can call on our Minneapolis professional document destruction staff to safely get rid of them for you. You can call for an appointment and drop your documents off at our local shredding facility, or we’ll be happy to send one of our mobile shredding trucks out to shred right at your location. Just give us a call at 763-551-4800 and we’ll put you in contact with the Shred-N-Go, Inc. location nearest you. We take shredding seriously, and so should you.

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