6 Jun

Document Shredding

Who says document shredding is necessary? Well, a lot of people do. It’s a bummer. But we have to realize theft is always possible in the Digital Age. And it’s much harder to clean up the mess than it is to protect yourself in the first place. Law enforcement agencies, government, bank institutions and health care offices are just some places where sensitive information is kept. All of these bureaus highly recommended proper data destruction.

Shred-N-Go partners with departments in everything from financial services to technology to provide on site document destruction. All the firms we work with from Osseo to New Prague understand the importance of permanent document shredding. With so much at stake, it’s not worth leaving account numbers and other information sitting around. We have to take a stand against identity theft. The way we do that is to guard credit card numbers and healthcare information fiercely. Even if your data is stored on a hard drive, we can destroy the unit for good.

If police departments and retail stores are going out of their way to protect you, shouldn’t you? With on site document destruction, it’s a breeze to get rid of old paperwork. No matter what kind of document shredding you need, we can do it in your home or office parking lot. Shred-N-Go is equipped with high power shredding machines in our trucks. You can purge your home or office in one day!

Get rid of everything from old phone books to wage statements. You would be surprised how many documents show your social security number. Today’s thieves are smart. And they know how to use the Internet. Don’t let criminals get their hands on your records. Protect your family and investments with Shred-N-Go. Call 763-551-4800 today to set up an appointment. Say no to identity theft.

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