29 May

Paper Shredding in Minneapolis

On site paper shredding in Minneapolis isn’t always handled the same way. It’s nice to have an office shredder, but it doesn’t guarantee security. Being AAA NAID certified isn’t always understood. What it means is that Shred-N-Go keeps the highest standards as a shred it service. Shredding documents with a company that isn’t certified can be scary. Our technicians give you a certificate of destruction once the job is done. This way you know your information has been destroyed.

If you want to prove account numbers are gone for good, hire Shred-N-Go on site paper shredding in Minneapolis. Our trucks can shred information right in your parking lot. All our trucks are equipped with the best Hammermill shredders available. We hold up the highest standard in everything we do. And when you hire our shred it service, you know your data is permanently wiped out.

Did you know on site paper shredding in Minneapolis can be fun? Have you ever heard of a shred it event? It can be a great community builder. Call us to schedule a good time to park our office shredder truck in your parking lot. You can advertise and invite neighbors to bring their hard drives and old medical or legal records. We have customers who pay to park one of our trucks and shred everything for free. What better way to invest in your community than to offer an event to help protect the locals?

Setting up a community shred it service is easy. You pick the date and time that works for you. We send a truck to the event. All your business and residential neighbors bring their paperwork. And that’s where the fun begins. Everyone can watch while our shredding technicians destroy papers and hard drives. With a little planning, a shredding event can be a lot of fun!

If you’re interested in learning how to host a shred day, call 763-551-4800 for more information. We would be honored to help protect your friends and neighbors from identity theft.

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