1 Nov

Shred-It Minnesota! Call our trucks to your business today.

Have you seen how we Shred-It Minnesota? Come on inside and see for yourself. Shred-N-Go is equipped with the highest quality and security available in secure document and data destruction. We want all our valued customers to know that when you shred-it Minnesota with Shred-N-Go, we shred and it’s gone!


Shred-N-Go, Inc. operates UltraShred™ “Paper Predator” mobile paper shredding equipment because of the security, safety, automation, efficiencies, and shredding process. We specifically selected this manufacturer because every truck has a fully-automated lift system that gravity-feeds the material into the shredder. Every truck shreds at a rate of 7,000 pounds of paper per hour, which is the fastest output for mobile shredding equipment in the industry. This translates to faster and more efficient service for our customers. So if you want to shred-it Minnesota, do it right the first time with Shred-N-Go.


Every truck has a certified scale incorporated into the lift system that allows the accurate weight of your shredded documents to be recorded. There’s no sense in running top-quality equipment without the proper accompaniments. We want to ensure our customers that we’re going to get your price right for the job done.


Every truck has a “filtering screen” ensuring each document, no matter what the size, is shredded. The Hammermill filtering screen DOES NOT ALLOW ONE piece of paper to go through intact, thus ensuring particle sizes of 5/8″ or less. It is common knowledge in the paper shredding industry that the Hammermill shredding system offers the most consistent particle size, yielding the best practice in information security for customers.


The Hammermill process is a pulverizing method of destruction. We encourage our customers to inspect our loads of shredded paper at any time for assurance of complete destruction. We are the only shredding service operating in the state of Minnesota that uses the high-speed, 7,000 pounds-per-hour Hammermill shredding systems exclusively in our trucks, guaranteeing results every time you Shred-It Minnesota.

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