8 May

Shred-It Minnesota! Don’t let personal data sit around.

When we say shred-it Minnesota, we mean shred-it! It doesn’t always occur to us that we have valuable information sitting around that eventually ends up in the trash. Shred-N-Go is in business to protect your business from the calamity of security breaches. When it comes to hiring a Shred-It Minnesota company, security is critical. Shred-N-Go considers your record destruction top priority.

Shred-N-Go, Inc. is NAID Certified for on location Shred-It Minnesota documents. This implies we subscribe to the most astounding industry norms and are liable to arbitrary reviews to evaluate our efforts to establish safety. At the finish of every Shred-It Minnesota job, Shred-N-Go gives a Certificate of Destruction that proves you or your organization is consistent with any regulations in place.

Shred-N-Go is the main Shred-It Minnesota team operating in Minnesota and western Wisconsin. We use high velocity Hammermill document and data destruction outfits in all our trucks. This framework includes a sifting screen that guarantees paper molecule sizes of 5/8″ or less. Hammermill destruction systems yield “Industry Best Practices” regarding the most secure destroying procedure for documents and data. Beside the separating screen, every truck: 1) highlights a computerized lift framework, 2) shreds paper at a rate of 7,000 pounds every hour, 3) is outfitted with a hard commute annihilation framework and, 4) is furnished with a scale to guarantee accurate and exact charging.

Our Shred-It Minnesota organization offers the most secure and speediest destroying trucks in Minnesota and western Wisconsin. The velocity of our Minneapolis paper destroying gear grants us to accomplish more work in a day, which implies we pass the benefits on to you. Each Security Operator (Driver) at Shred-N-Go is prepared to be affable, conscious and proficient. They are uniformed and prepared to work discreetly and proficiently in your office to minimize disturbance and diversion while taking care of your report pulverization. Our objective is to reliably provide Shred-It Minnesota services that surpass your desires.

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