24 Jul

Minnesota Mobile On Site Document Destruction

Have you ever noticed how much paper you seem to have in your office? As you look around you may see stacks of paper on each desk, stacks of paper in the file room, and even stacks of paper in...
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3 Apr

Scheduled document shredding in Minneapolis saves the day!

Shred-N-Go delivers document shredding in Minneapolis on a rotation to give versatile, on location shredding solutions for businesses, government organizations and individual consumers. When customers select our onsite document shredding in Minneapolis, you’ll get the extra security of all private records being effectively destroyed on...
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23 Jan

Effective document destruction is critical to security

Don’t simply drop your document destruction just anywhere in Minneapolis. Not all record destroying in Minneapolis is ensured like Shred-N-Go. Shred-N-Go, Inc. is NAID Certified for on location portable document destruction in Minneapolis. This implies we subscribe to the most elevated industry...
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10 Jan

Confidential shredding is the only way to go

Why does confidential shredding matter? In a time when identify theft is increasingly rising, it can mean life or death to a business that handles sensitive information. Here are just a few reasons why you should settle for nothing less...
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29 Nov

Shred-N-Go Minneapolis professional shredding service

Each week Americans pull their trash to the curb to be picked up by their trash services. Instead of separating documents that should be destroyed by a Minneapolis professional shredding service, we just dump it with everything else. While everyone knows their trash day, they...
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