3 Apr

MN Mobile Shredding Trucks

Mobile shredding is a service that is used by businesses all over the country. Imagine a huge corporation like Visa or MasterCard having to bring all their credit card payment statements in to a local paper shredding facility to have them shredded. What a monumental task that would be. It certainly wouldn’t be cost effective or practical to make businesses haul in important papers for shredding. That’s why Shred-N-Go, Inc. has a fleet of MN mobile shredding trucks that come to you to take care of all your shredding needs.

Of course, you can’t just bring regular garbage trucks to do the work of MN mobile shredding trucks. You need special trucks with mobile paper shredding equipment, like the UltraShred™ Paper Predator, to do the job. This is a specially manufactured shredding truck that can shred 7,000 pounds of paper an hour. Now that’s what you call efficient. The special filter screen on this incredible truck makes sure that no paper slips through without being pulverized into tiny particles, so you can be sure none of your important paperwork will get by this monster of a machine.

Destroying your important documents is something Shred-N-Go, Inc. takes very seriously. Each one of our trucks has a scale in the lift system so we can be sure to weigh your documents accurately. These scales are certified to be sure of their accuracy. And our high-speed Hammermill pulverizing trucks are the only ones operating in the state of Minnesota, which means nobody can destroy documents like we can. The safety of your business paperwork and the safety of your destroyed documents is our number one priority. We use only the best mobile shredding equipment on the market to make sure your important documents are destroyed beyond recognition.

When you need important documents, tax papers, insurance forms, forms that include social security numbers, or any other documents shredded, call our Shred-N-Go, Inc. Our MN mobile shredding trucks to come to you. You can reach us at 763-551-4800, or check our website for our local shredding office near you.

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