9 Apr

Minnesota Mobile Shredding Container

Whether you have a big business or a home based business, it’s just a fact that you’re going to have paperwork you should not just throw in the garbage. Whether it’s customer orders or credit card receipts or paperwork that has personal, sensitive information on it, you need to be very careful you don’t contribute to identity theft for anyone, including yourself. If you contact Shred-N-Go, we can bring a Minnesota mobile shredding container to your home or office so you can protect all documents until we send our mobile shredding truck to shred them for you.

Having a Minnesota mobile shredding container at your business location protects you from anyone obtaining vital information that should never get out to anyone but the person that information belongs to. How terrible would you feel if one of your clients had their identity stolen because someone in your office grabbed their social security number from a document you had just lying around in your office? And if you work from home, you certainly don’t want your kids to pick up papers off your desk and toss them in the garbage without you knowing. That’s why having a locked shredding container is important, even for home businesses.

Playing it safe at home or in the office is very smart, especially when it comes to documents that include sensitive personal information. So it’s time to call Shred-N-Go to have a Minnesota mobile shredding container delivered to your home or office. Keeping papers waiting to be shredded locked away safely will give you much more peace of mind and keep your company safe from any legal proceedings that could happen if you let sensitive information get into the wrong hands. You can reach the paper shredding experts at Shred-N-Go at 763-551-4800 during regular business hours to talk about having a locked shredding container delivered. Being safe with important papers is always better than being sorry you didn’t take the proper action.


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