2 Apr

Minnesota Mobile Paper Shredding

Whether you are a homeowner with a lot of old tax papers in your attic, or a small business owner who works from home and has tons of old customer files all over the house, one thing is for sure. You need a safe way to get rid of paperwork you don’t need. And that means calling Shred-N-Go, your Minnesota mobile paper shredding company, for help.

When you call Shred-N-Go, you’ll be calling on a company that has years of experience in safely destroying important paperwork for clients all over Minnesota. And the best part for you is that Shred-N-Go can send their Minnesota mobile paper shredding truck to your home or home office and destroy your important papers right in front of you. Your papers never leave your sight when you use our mobile shredding service to destroy them for you.

As you know, the law states that you need to keep your personal tax papers a minimum of seven years. Many homeowners, however, tend to keep that paperwork much longer. Why is that? Chances are it’s because they don’t know there is a company that can come to them and shred their important paperwork while they watch to be sure it’s really being done. When you have our mobile shredding truck come to your location, you can be sure your tax papers, business papers or any other important information is completely destroyed so you won’t be vulnerable to identity theft because you tossed an important paper with personal or confidential information on it.

You can reach Shred-N-Go at 763-551-4800 and make an appointment for a Minnesota mobile paper shredding truck to come to your location and take care of shredding your important papers. When you know you have a safe place to get your paper shredded – right in front of you – your fear of identity theft will subside and you’ll know you can call on our mobile shredding service any time you need it.


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