5 Mar

Minnesota Medical Record Shredding

If you run a doctor’s office, dental office, medical clinic or hospital, the amount of medical records you have in your care can be astronomical. If you’ve taken care of a patient for years, you could have mounds of medical records from just them alone. And what do you do when it’s time to get rid of those records? You certainly can’t toss them in the garbage and take the chance that someone else will pick them up and get valuable, private information that should never be released. What you need is Minnesota medical record shredding done by Shred-N-Go, your Minnesota document shredding experts.

Identity theft is a big problem these days and making sure you have Minnesota medical record shredding is more important than ever. Any document that has personal information on it, like a social security number, a driver’s license number, or medical records should never get into the hands of anyone other than the patient and the person he designates to have access. So when you need to get rid of any of those papers, you need to be sure you call on the people who can destroy them completely to avoid any risk of identity theft. That company is Shred-N-Go, the shredding experts in the state of Minnesota.

When you hire Shred-N-Go to do your shredding, they can bring a mobile shredding truck right to your medical facility and shred your medical documents right in front of you. If you have medical records that you put in a specific place while waiting for them to be shredded, you’ll be happy to know that we have locked shredding containers you can put your shredding in so it’s safe while you’re waiting for our mobile shredding truck to get there. So when you need help with Minnesota medical record shredding, call the experts at Shred-N-Go at 763-551-4800. We’ll schedule shredding pickups at your convenience.


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