26 Sep

Minneapolis Document Destruction

Do you have a closet full of old tax papers? Are your dresser drawers full of old credit card statements? Are there bank statements oozing out of your kitchen cabinets? Do you have old photos and confidential information stuffed in your desk drawers? If any of this sounds like you, it’s time to call Shred-N-Go, your Minneapolis document destruction specialists.

No matter what type of important documents, receipts or computer hard drives you have around the house, it’s time to clean up, clear out and destroy documents that could harm you if they get into the wrong hands. Imagine someone getting just one of your credit card numbers, or a copy of your driver’s license or your social security number. The damage that could be done could take years for you to fix – if you could do it at all. And when you consider all the information on the hard drive of your old computer and what you could lose if someone got their hands on that information, you can’t afford to take chances. It’s seriously time to call our Minneapolis document destruction company at 763-551-4800 and get a quote on having our mobile document shredding service come to you.

No matter how much paper clutter you have in your home, Shred-N-Go can take care of it for you in mere minutes. We can send our mobile shredder to your home or office and take care of hundreds of pounds of important documents and computer hard drives in less time than you can imagine. If you’re trying to make more room in your home and don’t want to toss papers that may have important information, call us today and we’ll help you make a clean sweep of all your paperwork. Call 763-551-4800 for a quote, or check our website for the Shred-N-Go location nearest you.


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