19 Sep

Minnesota Medical Document Shredding

Did you ever stop to think how bad it would be if your medical records got into the wrong hands? Do you remember filling out all the paperwork when you found a new doctor? And it seems like every time you go in for another procedure, you’re filling out more and more documents with the same information on them? They all ask for your name, address, all your medical information, and worst of all, your social security number. If your doctor is not doing Minnesota medical document shredding, your records could be all over town by now.

Minnesota Medical document shredding is something every doctor’s office should have, starting with a document shredding container in each office. Whenever someone is done entering your information into a computer, the documents you filled out should be placed in one of our Shred N Go shredding containers. These are locked containers that nobody can get into without a key you provide for them. That person may be an office manager, or someone else you trust, who can get into the container if something is put in by mistake. Otherwise, all medical records are protected from anyone who may think of stealing identity information.

When the containers are full, you simply call your local Minnesota Shred N Go location and we’ll send a mobile Minnesota medical document shredding truck to pick up your shredding container and shred medical documents on the spot for you. So if you are a doctor’s office or a medical clinic or a location that handles paperwork for doctors, call Shred N Go at 763-551-4800 and we’ll give you the information on the closest location to have all your medical documents shredded on a regular basis. And if you’re a patient and you don’t see a document shredding container in your doctor’s office, tell them to call Shred N Go so we can protect your documents as well as everyone in the doctor’s office who should be shredding medical records on a regular basis.


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