8 Aug

What You Should Shred in Minnesota

If you’re like a lot of families, you probably have stacks of papers sitting around your house that should not get into the hands of anyone other than you. Chances are, someone opens up the mail and leaves a stack of bills on the kitchen counter. Once those bills are paid, they move to yet another pile where they just continue to accumulate until someone tosses them in a drawer or shoves them in a closet just to get them out of site. Unfortunately, rather than realizing what you should shred in Minnesota and getting that shredding done, those papers just seem to keep piling up until someone gets the urge to clean up the mess and just tosses them into the garbage. The shredding experts at Shred-N-Go, Inc. want you to know that tossing important documents in the trash is never a good idea.

If you have utility bills, tax bills or medical records that just get thrown in the garbage, consider the information on them that can be stolen by an identity thief. Many times people don’t realize the amount of personal information that’s on paperwork that comes in the mail, and just what devious people can do with that information. Sometimes an experienced thief can use your name and address to tap into all kinds of personal information that can damage your credit. And that’s just one reason to know what you should shred in Minnesota.

Imagine an identity thief going through your trash and finding one of your old tax papers with your social security number on it. And what happens if you toss out the papers you received to renew your driver’s license or your license plates? That type of personal information in the hands of the wrong person can give them access to all kinds of things they should never have access to.

If you want to know what you should shred in Minnesota, check out the list of important documents you should shred on our website. Then think about all the other papers you have lying around that could potentially harm your credit rating if they got into the hands of the wrong people. Give a call to the experts at Shred-N-Go, Inc. and make an appointment to bring in your papers or have one of our mobile shredding trucks come to your location. You can reach us at 763-551-4800.

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