24 Oct

Shred Before You Move in Minneapolis

Are you getting ready to move? Packing can be a real hassle. The more you have, the longer it takes. And if you have a lot of old tax papers, outdated medical records or other important documents that you don’t really want to pack and take with you, it’s time to shred before you move in Minneapolis.

Everyone is aware of the problem we have these days with identity theft. It’s not a good idea to toss out anything you get in the mail without taking your address and any other information off of it before you throw it in the garbage. The same goes for all those papers you’ve had in your closets, the basement and even your attic. Any paperwork that has your social security number, driver’s license number or medical information should always be shredded before you toss it. Bank statements, loan documents, college transcripts or anything else that people could use to steal your identity are things you need to shred before you move in Minneapolis.

Think of the money you’ll save on your moving expenses if you have fewer boxes that need to go. If you’re hiring a moving van, they’re going to charge you by the pound. Interestingly enough, Shred-N-Go in Minnesota charges you by the pound to shred your important documents. But the charge for shredding is much less than the cost per pound for a moving van.

So before you pay big money to move documents that really need to be shredded, call Shred-N-Go at 763-551-4800 and let us tell you how much you can save if you shred before you move in Minneapolis. Once you realize how much safer it is to shred your documents than it is to keep them, we’re sure you’ll agree that now is the time to get rid of the clutter. You’ll love the way your new home looks, without the paperwork you’ve wanted to get rid of for years.


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