5 Dec

Save on Minneapolis Document Shredding

Some business owners are under the impression that having their own staff shred documents is a good idea. But there are certain things you need to think about before you allow anyone in your office to do your shredding for you. In fact, if you want to save on Minneapolis document shredding, you need to check out the savings and the advantages of having the mobile shredding trucks from Shred-N-Go do your shredding for you.

When it comes to being able to save on Minneapolis document shredding you really need to think twice about allowing anyone who is employed by you to do it for you. Not only will it take time away from regular office duties, but generally the documents that need to be shredded are the ones that have sensitive information on them. Whether it’s employee records, bank documents, tax documents or other paperwork that has personnel information on them, there is really no one in your employment who should have access to that information.

At the same time, where do you keep those sensitive documents until they are shredded? If you keep them in a box in your office, anyone – even the cleaning staff – could steal information from them. You certainly don’t want to be held liable if personal information about your employees gets in the wrong hands. Or what if your tax documents with all your corporate information was suddenly circulating in the hands of criminals? You really can afford to take chances with any documents in your office.

The best way to be safe and save on Minneapolis document shredding is to have a locked shredding container in your office that is picked up and shredded by our local Shred-N-Go mobile shredding trucks. When there is a document that needs to be shredded, all your employees simply deposit it into our locked shredding container. Those documents remain in that locked unit until they are shredded by our mobile shredding crew on your scheduled day. So if you’re ready to secure your documents for shredding and protect your employees and your business, call Shred-N-Go at 763-551-4800 for the best shredding service in Minneapolis.


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