27 Aug

Minnesota Identity Theft Protection

It’s tough to watch the news these days and not hear something about stolen emails or security breeches online. The same goes for mail being stolen and credit card bills, complete with credit card numbers, or utility bills with private information getting into the wrong hands. Identity theft is real and it’s happening every day to millions of people. As a business owner, you need to be extremely careful with documents that contain personal information. Taking care to be sure you use Minnesota identity theft protection is vital for the safety of your customers, patients, clients and employees. That’s why our team at Shred-N-Go, Inc. recommends that you hire us to do your Minnesota paper shredding for you.

You see, with our locked shredding containers and regular mobile shredding service, you can have Minnesota identity theft protection so you don’t need to worry about any identity theft problems happening in your office. For example, if you have an in-house accountant who pays all the bills for your business, but leaves billing information lying around or simply tosses it in the trash, you could have serious problems with information being stolen. But if your accountant has one of our locked shredding containers in his office and immediately deposits all documents into that container, you and your business will be protected and much more secure.

Once you have our Shred-N-Go, Inc. locked shredding containers throughout your office, all documents can be deposited to stay safe until your scheduled mobile shredding date. At that time, your containers will be lifted to our truck and dumped into our special shredding machines where they will be destroyed and be deposited into our container in the size of confetti. So when you’re looking for Minnesota identity theft protection, look to Shred-N-Go, Inc. for the answers. Give us a call at 763-551-4800 and we’ll be happy to discuss our shredding plans with you.

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