13 Feb

Minnesota Employee Record Destruction

When you own a big business and you have a lot of employees, you have a lot of paperwork that accumulates over the years. You’ll have employment records, payroll records, personnel files, tax records, health insurance records, and more. The list just goes on and on. And when an employee is let go or retires, you’ll need to be sure you use Minnesota employee record destruction to get rid of the paperwork you don’t need to keep any longer. Tossing records like that in the garbage where someone can pick them up and steal them is never a good option. Making sure those documents are properly destroyed is an absolute must in order to protect your business. That’s a job you can trust to Shred-N-Go mobile shredding service.

Obviously, when it comes to Minnesota employee record destruction, you don’t want to let another employee handle it. Allowing another employee to see the confidential records of anyone employed by you is a breach of employee record security. Allowing any employee to search the records of someone in your employ means they could steal important information that should be kept confidential. You never want to put yourself or your company in that type of situation. Identity theft is running rampant everywhere these days, and allowing it to happen in your office can put you in line for a lawsuit or worse.

Imagine how you would feel if someone stole your identity, or if someone got into your confidential business files and stole a proprietary recipe or concept for a new product. You’d be furious, for sure. That’s the way any employee would feel if their personnel file was compromised. Important data, like social security numbers, driver’s license numbers or salary information, should not be known by anyone but you, the employer, and the employee. So when you need Minnesota employee record destruction done properly, call on Shred-N-Go mobile shredding service to do it for you. You can reach us at 763-551-4800.


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