20 Feb

Destroy Paperwork in Minneapolis

Every business has paperwork. Even with computers taking a big load off your shoulders when it comes to saving and filing documents, every business has a certain amount of paperwork to deal with when it comes to getting rid of it. There are always personnel files and insurance records and product orders that may have credit information on them. This is information that you need to be sure to destroy paperwork in Minneapolis thoroughly a so it doesn’t get into the wrong hands. You need to use our Minneapolis paper shredding service from Shred-N-Go, Inc.

Just imagine what would happen if a thief got his hands on the social security numbers of all your employees. Important information in the hands of the wrong people could destroy lives. It can take years to get a credit report straightened out. And you could destroy someone if you let their banking information get out because you failed to shred a document with banking information on it. When you destroy paperwork in Minneapolis for a one or two person business, it might be fine to do yourself if you have a cross-cut or micro-cut document shredder. But if you have more personnel working for you or you have a lot of documents that you print from online orders, it’s best to use a shredding service like Shred-N-Go in Minnesota and have one of our mobile shredding trucks come right to your office.

It really is a waste of time and money to have one of your employees shredding papers at your office. If you have more than a banker box full of papers, the time and money you’re wasting is not worth it. Your employee’s time could be better spent, not to mention the security factor involved with a live person doing your shredding. No matter how much you trust your employees (or even your own family, for that matter), there is always a temptation when shredding important documents. It’s best to play it safe and call on the shredding experts at Shred-N-Go to destroy paperwork in Minneapolis for you. You can watch your documents being shredded right in your parking lot and know that you’ve done what’s best to keep important confidential documents safe. Call 763-551-4800 to find a location nearest you.

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