11 Jul

Tax Document Destruction

Individuals, as well as corporations, need to be sure that they never throw any tax documents away without shredding them. This is something that can’t be stressed enough today. In the age of cell phones with cameras and video capability, you can’t be too careful with papers that could help someone steal your identity. Tax document destruction should be something you do on a regular basis.

If you’re like a lot of people, you have tax papers from years ago. After all, you need to keep them for a number of years in case you need to look up anything for your accountant, or for a government audit – if that ever happens. But when it’s time to toss the old paperwork, be sure you take tax document destruction seriously.

You need to be sure to shred everything, including any receipts for items you’ve purchased. You may not realize it, but depending on how long you’ve kept tax papers, you may even have store receipts that have credit card numbers on them. Plus, if you’ve received new credit cards over the years and you’ve saved the paperwork that came with them along with your tax papers, those may also have your entire credit card number on them.

If you are in the habit of backing up your computer information on a CD, you never want to toss them in the garbage either. Any CD that has a complete computer backup on it will probably include tax papers or information that includes your social security number or other important identification numbers. You may not realize that CDs, DVDs, and even floppy disks (if you’re old enough to still have them) should always be shredded before they’re tossed.

Never take chances with any tax document or disk of any kind that might have important tax information that includes private identity information. Tax document destruction is just as important for individuals and families as it is for big corporations. So call on Shred-N-Go, Inc. for all your document destruction needs. Whether you want to drop boxes of tax papers off throughout the year or you have a big load of old documents you want us to pick up, we are the ones to call at 763-551-4800. We’ll be happy to give you a quote and help you protect yourself and your family by shredding tax documents safely.


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