27 Feb

Minnesota Shredding for Business Owners

Anyone who owns a business knows how many papers you can accumulate in just one day. If you run a store where you have employees and you sell products, you not only have important employee records and tax documents, but...
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31 Oct

Save Money on Minneapolis Shredding

Are you paying employees to do your shredding for you? If you have a medium or large sized business, that could mean hours a day that you’re spending money to have someone doing a boring job that could be done...
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10 Oct

Minneapolis Fraud Protection Shredding

Anyone who listens to the news knows the danger of identity theft these days. Being careful with your paperwork is really an understatement. You really can’t be too careful with the papers you fill out that include your driver’s license...
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3 Oct

Shredding Personal Records in Minnesota

If you are like many people, you have a lot of credit card statements, bank statements, old medical records and maybe even a few old computers with hard drives in them waiting to be destroyed. And if you’re like most...
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19 Sep

Minnesota Medical Document Shredding

Did you ever stop to think how bad it would be if your medical records got into the wrong hands? Do you remember filling out all the paperwork when you found a new doctor? And it seems like every time...
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1 Aug

Shred Your Business Documents in Minnesota

If you’re a business owner and you don’t shred your business documents in Minnesota, you could be in for some serious trouble. Years ago, there wasn’t much of a need to shred paperwork. There were no computers, no internet, and...
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