29 Nov

Shred-N-Go Minneapolis professional shredding service

Each week Americans pull their trash to the curb to be picked up by their trash services. Instead of separating documents that should be destroyed by a Minneapolis professional shredding service, we just dump it with everything else. While everyone knows their trash day, they may not know the dangers associated with tossing valuable and sensitive personal information. Identity thieves look forward to trash days, because it promises potential for cashing in with information such as social security numbers and credit card numbers.

Most residential and business trash cans can produce quite a bounty for identity thieves.  After all, what most of us carelessly toss away as junk mail or outdated documents can turn into a dream come true for an identity thief, and a horrific nightmare for you.
Identity thieves are always on the look out for expired credit and debit cards, credit and debit card receipts, unused credit card checks, credit card statements, pre-approved credit card offers and applications, and more.

So whether you need a Minneapolis professional shredding service to get rid of old checking and savings account statements, canceled checks, investment account statements, pension account statements, or really any other document that includes personal information, Shred-N-Go’s industrial strength Hammermill shredders can effectively shred your documents and data, and assure you not a single trace will be left unshredded for an identity thief to find.

Paycheck stubs, wage and earnings statements, phone and utility bills, tax returns and statements, medical bills and more should all be carefully shredded with a Minneapolis professional shredding service. Let Shred-N-Go confidentially process all your sensitive information through our state of the art shredding trucks. Suddenly information like insurance claim information, expired identification documents, and anything else you can imagine is completely erased. Identity thieves have just lost their war against you when you partner with Shred-N-Go Minneapolis professional shredding service to get rid of your paper and digital trail.

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