28 May

Minneapolis Mobile Shredding Service

Business owners tend to be busy. With all the duties they have, taking time out to deliver papers to an outside location for shredding could just add to the hassles they already face every day. The solution for document destruction for many business owners is Shred-N-Go’s Minneapolis mobile shredding service.

Our Minneapolis mobile shredding service is not only a time-saver for business owners, but it’s a money saver too. If you are currently paying one or more of your employees to shred papers for you throughout the day, you’re losing money on them and you’re losing the time they should be spending on their regular job. When you have our mobile shredding trucks come to do your shredding for you, it will be done in a matter of minutes. Our mobile shredding trucks can shred 7,000 pounds of paper per hour. So no matter how much material you have to shred, it will basically be done in minutes, saving you both time and money.

Now to make sure all your documents are safe between the time they’re no longer needed and the time they are shredded, we have locked shredding containers you can put in your office. Choose the size that fits your needs and either keep the key yourself or give it to a trusted employee who can access the container only if something is put in by mistake. That way your shredding documents are safe and sound until our mobile shredding truck arrives to shred them.

No matter what size business you have and no matter how much paper you have that needs to be shredded, Shred-N-Go can take care of all your shredding needs. Call for more information about our Minneapolis mobile shredding service today. You can reach Shred-N-Go at 763-551-4800 during regular business hours to schedule a shredding pickup for your business.


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