26 Dec

Keep Minnesota Shredding Confidential

The more you hear about identity theft, the more you want to be sure to keep Minnesota shredding confidential. Any paperwork that includes your social security number, drivers’ license number, or medical information needs to be kept confidential whether it’s for legal purposes or medical purposes. Anyone who has access to these records should be held accountable for their safety for as long as you live.

As you probably know because of the amount of junk mail you get both in your mailbox and in your email, your name, address and phone number is being sold by just about everyone who has it. It makes you wonder what other information about you is leaking out when that happens. Is your insurance provider, utility company or doctor’s office handing out paperwork to others as a way to save money on shredding costs? Is that how those documents with your private information are being stolen by identity thieves? You just never know what lengths people will go to these days when it comes to unloading excess paperwork. If you want to be sure they keep Minnesota shredding confidential, you need to take an active role in finding out what happens to your important documents.

And that brings up another important point. What are you doing in your home to keep Minnesota shredding confidential? Do you have a box of mail from credit card companies that has your private information on it? What if someone breaks into your home and finds that box? It would be much better if you stopped by the Shred-N-Go location nearest you on a regular basis and brought in your important documents to be shredded. You can simply call 763-551-4800 to find the Shred-N-Go location in your neighborhood and make an appointment to drop by with your documents. Making sure nobody leaks your personal information is something you need to do for your own peace of mind.


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