13 Aug

Destroy Your MN Computer Hard Drive

Can you imagine your boss tossing a business computer with all your employment records on it in the dumpster behind the office? How dangerous would that be? Or imagine one of your neighbors putting their desktop or laptop computer on the curb on garbage day and watching as a car full of kids pick it up and drive off? Do you have any idea how dangerous it can be to allow the information on your computer hard drive to get into the hands of anyone but you? Before you simply toss out an old computer, be sure you call Shred-N-Go, Inc. to completely destroy your MN computer hard drive beyond any chance of getting that data back.

Putting your computer in the trash can be dangerous to not only you, but to people you have contacted through an email account on that computer? If you have not taken steps to destroy your MN computer hard drive, all the data you have on your computer can be hacked into and you take the chance of identities being stolen. Many people don’t realize that just because you unplug your computer, it doesn’t mean that all the information goes away. The hard drives on your computer are places where all your important information is stored. So when it’s time to get rid of a computer, you can’t just toss it, you have to destroy the hard drive so that nobody can hack into it and steal your information.

We know that some people think taking a hammer to it will do the trick to render your hard drive inaccessible, and sometimes it does. But there are times when even a hammer will not destroy your hard drive to the point where thieves can’t get into it. The only way to be absolutely sure you destroy your MN computer hard drive is to let Shred-N-Go, Inc. shred it for you. All you need to do is call 763-551-4800 to find a location near you, and we’ll take care of completely destroying everything on your drive so you never need to worry about a breach of important information.

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