27 Sep

Confidential shredding is a must

Why does confidential shredding matter? In a time when identify theft is increasingly rising, it can mean life or death to a business that handles sensitive information. Here are just a few reasons why you should settle for nothing less than confidential shredding.

Security: Whether you are a small company or a large corporation, you hold documents with confidential information. It is your responsibility to make sure this information never falls into the wrong hands. Confidential shredding is a secure and absolute way to manage that sensitive information. Protecting data begins the moment you deposit them into one of Shred-N-Go’s secure containers in Minneapolis. All documents are locked in our containers, and a lift system deposits documents directly from the containers into our shredding trucks. Once your data is properly destroyed, you’ll receive a Certificate of Destruction.  The certificate guarantees all of your account numbers, records and telephone numbers have been disposed of correctly.

Compliance: Document destruction is the law. Consumer and employee information is required to be kept private, even after you are done with it. Confidential shredding is the most secure way to destroy your documents and all the sensitive information included in them. Shred-N-Go is AAA NAID certified to handle all document and data destruction lawfully.

Identity Theft: Whether you are a small company or large corporation, it is your responsibility to protect your employees and customers. You hold documents with critical information, and it’s prudent they are disposed of properly. Simply recycling material is not sufficient. Anyone can walk past a recycling bin or trash bin and pick through information they find. In the digital age, people often forget to cover paper trails, which makes it easy to pick up information by traditional means. Shred-N-Go is committed to help preventing identity theft. Our leading edge shredding system shreds paper to under 5/8″, which makes it impossible to gain information from the remains.

Reduce costs: When your own employees shred documents, you are putting yourself in a compromising situation. Not only are you exposing confidential information to declassified personnel, you are wasting time and money. A huge unnecessary labor burden is attached to shredding your own documents with a home/office shredder. Our trucks shred up to 7,000 pounds of paper in one hour. Using our services for confidential shredding means you free up your employees to do their jobs, not shred confidential documents that can put you and your company at risk.

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