3 Dec

Affordable Shredding at Your MN Location

If you think it’s impossible to have affordable shredding at your MN location, you don’t know about Shred-N-Go, Inc. Having our mobile shredding truck pull up at your office and shred your important documents right in front of you can be much less expensive than you think.

Consider this. What would it cost you if documents that were in your office were stolen and one of your customers ended up with their identity being compromised? Would you be liable for bills that were created if someone stole credit card information that belonged to your customer because it was just left lying on a desk somewhere waiting to be shredded? Can you afford not to responsibly shred these documents and take the chance that you’ll lose customers because they can’t trust the information you have about them? Because Shred-N-Go, Inc. offers affordable shredding at your MN location, there’s no reason to take chances with documents that should be shredded on a regular basis.

Now there is still the issue of all that paperwork that’s waiting to be shredded. What do you do with it in between shredding truck visits? The most logical thing to do is to talk to the team at Shred-N-Go, Inc. about one of our shredding containers. No matter what size you need, from small to giant, we have locked shredding containers to store your shredding material while you wait for your regular shredding pickup. One of our friendly staff members can help you choose the locked shredding container that’s right for you. And when our mobile shredding crew comes to shred your documents, you can watch as your locked container is hoisted onto the truck and your documents are safely shredded on the spot.

So if you’re looking for affordable shredding at your MN location, call the experts at Shred-N-Go, Inc. and we’ll tell you all about our affordable shredding options. You can reach us at 763-551-4800 during regular business hours.

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