11 Oct

Superior paper shredding service in Minneapolis

For affordable paper shredding service in Minneapolis, Shred-N-Go is ready on the spot just about all the time. And handling your paper shredding service in Minneapolis is just one way we serve Minnesota and Wisconsin with superior service. You won’t regret giving our team of professionals a shot at successfully destroying you personal and business documents with security in mind.

All paper shredding in Minneapolis is handled in the same secure manner Shred-N-Go uses as the standard. Document and data destruction must be done securely, or you may as well forget shredding altogether. If you’re not going to have it done the right way, you risk theft with each and every one of you clients and other business associates.

Paper shredding service doesn’t have to be a headache. The professionally trained doc data destruction team will meet you for drop off or delivery. Your sensitive information is stored safely until it is swiftly destroyed under strict supervision. The entire process is monitored for quality paper shredding. A shoddy job just won’t do when you’re dealing with delicate account and credit card numbers. Doctor and patient records also need to be destroyed with confidence.┬áNew health regulations hold harsh penalties for doctors and clinics not adjusting their handling policies to comply.

It helps to even shred old personal telephone books. Chances are, you have every phone number you need in your current phone book. Leaving information around such as old telephone numbers can leave trails for those who don’t need to find you. These days, less really is more when it comes to protecting yourself from data and identity theft. With scams found at Target, Home Depot, Michaels and more locations, you don’t want to put your customers through the hassle of cleaning up an identity crisis in the credit department.

Gather up all your old IRS documents, phone books, old wish lists and guest lists. You really can’t afford not to be careful with destroying your company’s information effectively. Shred-N-Go is here to make sure the job gets done right the first time. We look forward to meeting you soon.

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