22 Jun

Drop Off Your MN Shredding

When you own a business it’s important to keep your personnel documents as well as contracts and sales information confidential. And everyone knows that you need to keep those documents for tax purposes for a specific timeframe. Once that time...
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30 Apr

Minnesota Drop Off Shredding

As a business owner you know you need to shred important documents. Whether you run a large world-wide corporation or a small mom and pop home-based business, there are important documents that you need to have shredded. Everyone knows that...
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12 Mar

Minneapolis Drop Off Shredding Service

All businesses have confidential paperwork, and that paperwork needs to be protected against identity theft until it’s no longer needed. And at that point when your important paperwork is no longer needed, for whatever reason, you need to be sure...
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9 Jan

Minneapolis Shredding Drop Off

If you’ve ever worked for a large corporation, you probably know that big businesses with lots of documents to shred have shredding services come to their location to do their shredding for them. At Shred-N-Go we have mobile shredding services...
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5 Sep

Computer Hard Drive Destruction in MN

Do you know anyone who has tossed their computer in the garbage? Have you ever seen someone put their old computer out in front of the house on garbage day, only to see someone drive by and pick it up?...
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4 Jul

Edina Drop Off Shredding Service

Most people are aware that large businesses need a professional shredding service to shred all of their important documents. If important papers with social security numbers and credit card account numbers or even names and addresses were simply put in...
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